Appetite for Books



phone: 514-369-2002
Address: 388 Victoria Ave., Westmount, Québec, H3Z 2N4

This is one of my favourite spots in Montreal. This culinary bookstore intertwines many of my loves: the worlds of baking, books and travel.

My Montreal Notebook will be focusing on tasty addresses, but I wanted to include this one as it is my go-to place for cookbooks. I’ve run into culinary school buddies, kitchen coworkers, as well as foodie friends at this bookstore. When visiting Appetite for Books, it’s hard to limit yourself to browsing. There are so many tempting purchases to be made!


Owner Jonathan Cheung grew up in the restaurant industry and designed his business as both a store and a kitchen. He has a professionally equipped kitchen installed at the back of the store. Appetite for Books offers cooking classes, demos and tastings.

Appetite for Books hosts celebrity chefs and cookbook authors who come to Montreal to promote their latest cookbook. When you attend the event, you get a glass of wine and a copy of the cookbook. The guest chef does a demo, then comes the tasting.

I’ve been to a few of the events. I met…
Chuck Hughes, Garde-Manger
Michael Smith, Back to Basics
Anna Olson, Back to Baking
Nick Malgieri, Bread
Noah & Rae Bernamoff, The Mile End Deli

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