Bonjour et bienvenue!

My name is Ariane and welcome to Chocolate & Co.  I’m a 31 y/o former baker turned librarian, living in my hometown of Montréal with my fiancé and our cat.  I created this baking blog in September 2012 to intertwine my passions for baking, photography, writing and travel.  Chocolate & Co is a collection of recipes, books, music and wanderlust.  Dark chocolate is my ingredient of choice, but my favourite pastry is the portuguese pasteis de nata.

I started working in kitchens when I was 18. I found work as a cook in a boardwalk restaurant in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, near the CEGEP where I was studying at the time. The following year, in September 2008, I enrolled in culinary school at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ). I graduated with a diploma in Professional Pastry. At the time I also worked at the boardwalk restaurant, a bakery, and at an upscale restaurant. In September 2010 I moved to Bath, England and worked in the kitchen of a café-bistro with a seasonal menu.

In September 2011, I traded in my checkered pants to pursue university studies, but I couldn’t stay away from my pantry and my whisk for long. While completing an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and Women’s Studies at Concordia University, I had the opportunity to participate in a couple of student exchanges so I moved to Lausanne, Switzerland and Sydney, Australia.  My last restaurant was a beach-side kitchen in Coogee.

I moved back to Montréal in July 2015. I was 26 and ready to move on from professional kitchens. I also loved literature, so I found work as a library clerk at a municipal library. I discovered a new vocation.  In September 2016, I became a graduate student at McGill University, enrolled in the Master of Information Studies program to become a librarian. In April 2018 I started my career as a librarian, which I love! Now that my focus is on my role as Children’s Services Coordinator, it’s back to baking purely for pleasure.

Travel is a passion of mine as well.   In the section “ Travels” I share my foodie discoveries. I love getting to know a new place through its food by visiting the local eateries, especially bakeries.

I am originally from Montréal, Canada.  My hometown is an exciting foodie metropolis that I love.  Check out the category  “My Montréal Notebook” for a write-up of my the city’s tastiest addresses.

My baking soundtrack is an eclectic mix.  “Playlist” is a round-up of musical suggestions to be paired with baking sessions.

A few of my favourites:

Author talks · Nigella Lawson · burlesque · pasteis de nata · art deco · lobster rolls · Schitt’s Creek · Knix · Michael Kiwanuka · home deco projects · Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie · the bookcase from Beauty and the Beast · wombats · old world maps · road trips · mimosas · Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Captain Holt · dark chocolate Tim Tams · Mumm Napa · Montréal bagels · 10 Thousand Villages fair trade shop · Zadie Smith · Caipirinha cocktails · Mindy Kaling · Laura Secord french mint chocolate · swimming

Where I’ve lived:

Montréal, Canada

Bath, England

Lausanne, Switzerland

Sydney, Australia

Where I’ve travelled:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Wales.

Next Travels: Honeymoon in Argentina!

If you’d like to share my photos and the recipes, please link back to my blog.

I look forward to reading your comments!  Let me know how the recipes turn out.

Bon appétit!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Arianne,

    This is quite an extraordinary endeavor. I am confident that you will develop a very strong following and look forward to following your blog. Félicitations!


  2. I am so happy to have found you!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I hope you enjoy the recipes to come!

  3. jessy says:

    I really enjoyed how you travel all around the world to try new foods, that really was amazing.What I really happen to like the most was how you took that chance to go to exchange school in a different country to pursue your dream. I love to bake and it is a passion i love websites like yours that teach me how to bake. You’ve really inspired me to educate myself more about baking. Congratulations on your journeys that you have been on it is really incredible. And i looked on the Sydney,Australia black star pastry and the photography is amazing i liked how you involved the food as-well as the background so you can make us readers know what type of place it is and were it is. I hope one day i get to meet you because my mom Chrissy is always talking about you. Whenever we walk into a baking store were they have any type of baking items we are always thinking about you so we always say “Ariane would like this”. She has mentioned that you like Jamie Oliver I like him too he is an amazing chef and i love watching his show he is really awesome.

    1. Thank you so much, Jessy! It’s great to hear from you. Your mom has been telling me about your cooking and baking as well. I think you’ll find some more baking blogs you’d like in the ”inspiration” page. I borrowed ”Comfort Food” by Jamie Oliver from the library, you should check it out 🙂

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