Black Star Pastry








Black Star Pastry

Black Star Pastry
Address: 277 Australia Street, Newtown
Phone: 0295578656

My first trip to Newtown with my housemate Raimonda had a foodie focus (the best way to discover a new place in my books). It was a beautiful September day and neither of us had classes that afternoon. I read about Black Star Pastry, a tiny bakery & café, listed as one of the top pastry shops to visit in Sydney. Black Star Pastry is a microcosm of hipster-artsy-alternative Newtown: pink hair, tattoos, Joy Division tank top, rainbow flag. I love Newtown, it’s one of my favourite communities within Sydney. It reminds me so much of Montreal with its art deco concert venue hosting the likes of London Grammar, bars and eclectic shops. This bakery & café makes THE best chocolate éclairs I’ve ever eaten. Real chocolate flavour. I keep finding excuses to head over to Newtown so that I can eat another one. Their most famous creation is the original strawberry watermelon cake with rose scented cream (personally not to my liking, but everyone else loves). Once my friend and I made our choices, we headed over to a park nearby and indulged in our treats on a sunny bench. Can a weekday afternoon get any better than this?

What we ordered (multiple visits):
Bread & Butter Pudding With Vanilla Crème Anglaise
Chocolate Éclair
Ginger Ninja Cookie – gingerbread cookie dipped in chocolate
Strawberry Watermelon Cake With Rose Scented Cream
Amedei Chocolate and Hazelnut Torte

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