Four Ate Five

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Four Ate Five4-001

Four Ate Five5


Four Ate Five
Address: 485 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Phone: 02 9698 6485

After a tough job hunt, I finally found part-time work as a cook in a casual Mexican resto with an Aussie surfer-vibe by Coogee beach. To celebrate, I thought I’d treat myself to brunch 🙂 (might have been smart to wait for my first paycheck…oh well!) On a rainy, lazy Saturday morning, my friend Jaz and I made our way to the neighbourhood of Surry Hills, known for the plethora of restos serving scrumptious brunches. Sydneysiders flock to Crown Street on the weekend to indulge in some tasty dishes with a side of conversation or a good read.

Today’s destination: Four Ate Five. The menu was tempting, so many delicious options to choose from! They also offer weekend specials. We were seated at a table of four where an older couple was silently reading the paper while biting into breakfast. Friendly staff buzzed about the packed joint. The barista counter and kitchen are open concept in this small and cosy setting. The waiters didn’t rush us, which was much appreciated. The portions were generous and left us well stuffed.

My friend ordered the French toast filled with bananas, drizzled in Canadian maple ❤ syrup, and served with mascarpone and rhubarb.

I ordered the Moroccan Baked Eggs: eggs cooked in a tomato sauce in the oven, topped with fetta cheese. A sprinkling of almond slivers was a delectable finishing touch, adding crunch and depth to the dish. It is served with two slices of sourdough bread to mop up the sauce, yum!

Sydney is brimming with independent coffee roasters. Many cafés, such as Four Ate Five, even sell their own. Despite that, we chose hot chocolate (really, with a baking blog named Chocolate & Co there never was another option).

You might see a few more pictures from this place as I think I will need to pop back in to try their smoothies and lunch menu which sound crazy good.

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