Jillian’s Cakery









Jillian’s Cakery
Address: 242 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
Phone: 02 9212 4253

For my 26th birthday, I was looking forward to a chill beach day filled with cake, a massage, and cocktails. My birthday is one day before New Year’s Eve, so having the opportunity to spend it by the ocean during the Australian summer was pretty special.  Since I knew I would be celebrating 2015 with lots of friends while watching the spectacular fireworks show by the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, I didn’t bother planning a big birthday party.  I opted for a more quiet, relaxing day spent with my sister.  Before heading to the beach (and after receiving an e-card from my dad wishing me a wonderful 27th birthday  -_- ), my sister and I went to Jillian’s Cakery to indulge in some birthday cake.  This bakery specializes in vintage Americana cakes.  The display case is filled with classics such as Angel Food Cake and Red Velvet Cake.  They also offer brownies, pies, and cookies.  We shared a slice of carrot cake and a slice of chocolate cake.  Both freshly baked desserts were so flavourful and tender.  The layered cakes come in generous portions, so we had leftovers, bonus.  My sister even found me some cupcake candles so that I could make a wish 🙂

What we ordered:
Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake
Bunny’s Carrot Cake

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