Lox Stock & Barrel

















Lox Stock & Barrel
Address: 140 Glenayr Ave., Bondi Beach
Phone: 0293000368

I’ve been living in Australia for 8 months now, and I’m craving Montreal bagels (The best bagels. Period.). My friend Tracy and I got together for some smoked lox and fresh oj this past weekend at Lox Stock & Barrel near Bondi Beach. The modern deli diner plays on traditional Jewish European fare while serving healthy and seasonal dishes. Now that I’ve graduated, we get to catch up over brunch instead of meeting up in our English Lit tutorial like last semester. As fascinating as that class was, this arrangement is much more chilled and fun (and tastier!). It was Saturday morning and the cozy joint was packed. The food was fresh and the portions plentiful. And the bagels were of the Montreal variety rather than the doughy New York version, I approve 😉 We were seated at the communal table in the centre of the room. After our meal, we browsed the deli’s collection of cookbooks. I now have my eye on the Sydney-based Monday Morning Cooking Club, which has two beautiful cookbooks. Unfortunately, the deli had already run out of sesame seed bagels for purchase. I guess this means I have an excuse to go back!

What we ate:
Sesame Seed Bagel with Smoked Lox, Onion, Caper, Rocket, & Cream Cheese
Sides: hash and avocado
Hot Chocolate, served with a tasty lemon meringue (perfectly crunchy outside, soft centre)
Ancient Grain Granola with Roasted Seasonal Fruit, Yoghurt & Milk

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